City Connections: Mumbai and Boston

If you have read previous posts of the City Connections series, you might’ve noticed that I tend to pick cities to connect with Mumbai which have harbours. This one is no exception; Boston was a colonial city that started from the Shawmut Peninsula on the East Coast of North America. The first colonial city toContinue reading “City Connections: Mumbai and Boston”

City Connections: Mumbai and St. Petersburg

Mumbai’s transition from a post-colonial city to a global trade and financial center came after tumultuous decades of change. Through these times, it maintained a relationship with the former Soviet Union and the city now has traces of Russian influence. From Mumbai seeing its first cosmonaut visit by Yuri Gagarin in the 60s at ShivajiContinue reading “City Connections: Mumbai and St. Petersburg”

Artistic Process: Girangaon- The Mill Village

Its easy to assume that anyone who studies architecture will automatically be good at art. It was certainly not true for me when I started out; there was a particular style of art that was meant to be followed before architecture school and I wholly disagreed with it. I was never able to properly drawContinue reading “Artistic Process: Girangaon- The Mill Village”

City Connections: Mumbai and Edinburgh

I turned 24 in January and till now I’ve visited 24+ major cities and towns across the world, but no place blew me away the way Edinburgh did. I visited this magical city (appropriately magical because part of the Harry Potter franchise was written in the Elephant House Cafe overlooking Edinburgh Castle) in the summerContinue reading “City Connections: Mumbai and Edinburgh”

Heritage Walk: Culture of Colaba Causeway

Colaba Causeway is infamous for being the top spot for street shopping in Mumbai. It may be bias, but I’ve shopped at most streets in Mumbai which are famous for selling clothes, trinkets, shoes etc and I truly feel that no experience is better than spending a sunday afternoon/evening at Colaba Causeway (although– for greatContinue reading “Heritage Walk: Culture of Colaba Causeway”

Stories: In appreciation of Mumbai University’s Architecture

My undergraduate institution is affiliated to Mumbai University. So are some 600+ institutes in and around the city. Here are some stories about one of the largest Universities in the world, some from ‘The Cloisters Pale: A Biography of the University of Mumbai’ by Aroon Tikekar, others from personal observation and from around the internet.Continue reading “Stories: In appreciation of Mumbai University’s Architecture”

Heritage Walk: The Churches of Colaba

Having gained some fame from my illustration on an older blogpost (Girangaon: The Mill Village) , I decided to actually go on walks through South Mumbai and design trails of different aspects of the city. While there are many blogs about this topic, I wanted to create an archive of such documentation and explore beyondContinue reading “Heritage Walk: The Churches of Colaba”

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